Lysol Presente


During Covid-19, the Back to Season would be like no other.  Lysol, a product in high demand, was seeking to help the community keep their loved one illness free by ensuring that schools have what it takes to protect.


Parents, teachers and students were dealing with an unprecedented situation and were in need of tools and support to keep their loved one safe.  Among this group, there was an “invisible” community that needed even more support.  Special needs children and parents were being overlooked amidst the crisis while thy were facing a set of unique challenges.


Lysol came to the rescue!  We developed a campaign called “Heroes Invisibles” were we empowered mothers, teachers, and students by making them feel part of the solution against the fight against germs.  Through a robust educational program focused on special need public schools, Lysol provided support through a series of videos where children taught other children about safety protocols, FB live session with psychologist for parents, online activity books, online virtual readings with a teacher, an online event and videos with Atención Atención, news conference with Secretary of Special Needs Educations of PR, product donations, and even a super hero face masks for all of our little heroes.

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