Papa Party

“Papaparty McCain”

OBJECTIVE: Put the McCain variety in everybody’s mind with the PapaParty: McCain potatoes month.

INSIGHT: McCain is a fun & versatile side dish with easy recipes to make.

TASK: Make McCain potatoes a favorite food for everyone in the entire family.

HOW WE DID IT: We created a promo called Papaparty, during an entire month where we featured McCain potatoes in a cartoonish way, as the coolest guest of all of your meals that will go perfect with every single ingredient in the kitchen. The public learned new recipes and enter to win delicious prizes. We leveraged OOH, FB & Instagram, along with LIVE MENTIONS at local family-oriented TV shows and radio spots. The constant call to action and the flashiness of the promo achieved many participations, sales and turn the month of March into the month of the PapaParty McCain potatoes.

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